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Ekse CTV Appearance interview and Music

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen Here is the interview and music from Woman2Woman on EKSE CTV on June the 19th Please enjoy Felicity Anray and Lauren doing what they do

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Lauren Lee Bock Insane Love I Tunes

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen Here is the link to Lauren's debut single "Insane Love" We hope you enjoy listening to it Blessings...

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Woman2 Woman Next Music And Orchard Music Link

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen A short Blog this Morning with the link to apple music The "At Last" Album This includes the Woman2Woman Cover of "Dear Mr...

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CTV EKSE Monday 4pm

Ladies and Gentleman Felicity,Lauren and Anray will be appearing on CTV Ekse on Monday at 4pm Thank you to Asiphe at Ekse for her help in organising this. Set your phone alarms!!! They will be performing a couple of songs.They will be chatting about Woman2Woman,...

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Image by Meegan Mitchell on location at Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

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