Bianca Solomons

Singer – Songwriter – Entertainer.

Abandoned at birth, now singing her way to opera stardom.

Bianca Solomons
Image by André Meyer, Truth Design
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Just a few hours after giving birth to a baby girl, her mom took the infant and handed her to a stranger and asked her to look after the little girl as she had errands to run. The mother never returned!

Today, 16 years later, the little infant is a young woman with aspirations of taking over the world of opera. That’s right! When Bianca Solomons (16) from Kraaifontein, Western Cape, starts singing, everyone listens.

Bianca Solomons is a ray of sunshine and surrounded by love. She has the voice of an angel and is ready to take on the world.

A humble person from humble beginnings that doesn’t believe singing makes her better than anyone else. It is all about her passion and dream. This passion comes through in the many competitions, medals and certificates she has already won, not to mention Western Province colors.

Her versatility allows for a range of areas she can specialize in but her speciality is Opera.She is working on a teen musical and is available to perform at any age appropriate show.

When Bianca shares her story, it is hard to believe that this shy girl has endured so much of hardship over the years.

It was during grade 2 in a school choir that the choir master noticed there was something special about her voice.

“I dream of singing on an international stage so that the world can know that there are more opera singers from South Africa and that we have incredible talent,” says Bianca.

Bianca Solomons sings eNuus 

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