David Gummers of DGP Music, with artists Felicity Kiran and Lauren-Lee Bock
Image by Meegan Mitchell on location at Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

Great News!

Felicity and Lauren have been signed to South Africa’s biggest digital marketing company as solo artists. The Woman2Woman group, including the amazing Anray Amansure, is part of this deal.

Thank you to Paul De Klerk, director at Next music, for seeing the true potential of these artists!

Latest News

2018 has seen a busy start. Karin from Swirl Magazine did an in-depth interview with Felicity, Lauren and Anray – you can read the full interview starting on page 23 via this link.

Lauren Lee-Bock And Felicity Kiran

Above: Lauren-Lee and Felicity Kiran

Image by Rachel Winter

David Gummers, head of DGP Music, is a footwear retailer from the North of England. He stumbled into the music industry in 2013 when he invited his beauty therapist, Natalie Johannes to a cocktail party he was hosting. He invited her to sing and she had grown men in tears with the clarity of her voice.

The pair negotiated a contract and for two years he promoted her. Their partnership included a concert in St George’s Cathedral, an event that was attended by Premier Helen Zille. They raised enough money to buy 141 pairs of shoes for the orphans of Baphumelele in Khyelitsha, run by the amazing Rosie Mashale.

The second concert at Joseph Stone, Dear Younger Me, was hosted by the vibrant Miss Tracey Lange. Again the event raised enough to buy computer equipment for the orphanage.


In July 2015, David was approached by two people he knew as well as countless others to ask if he would manage them. Jenny Wentzel from SARFU asked if he would manage Felicity, whose track record of nearly two decades in the industry is truly amazing. She has sung to Royalty, in a Rugby Stadium and has performed international concerts as far apart as Spain and India.

Desne Jodamus is Lauren’s incredible mentor again asked if he would guide Lauren’s career.

These two artists are very different in character. Felicity is a tough cookie with a big heart – beneath the exterior is a kind and warm-hearted lady. She is generous with her time, hard-working and dedicated. Her greatest strength away from her beautiful booming voice is the accuracy of the advice she gives, garnered through vast knowledge and experience.

Lauren, although she has a determined streak, is kind-hearted. She has an engaging smile and a very disarming turn of phrase! Lauren has been voice coached by the incredible Amanda Luyt and was chosen as a motive of Can SkyLark.

Felicity Kiran

Above: Felicity Kiran

Image by Rachel Winter


Above: Lauren-Lee


Image by Rachel Winter


Felicity and Lauren came together to do a Woman2Woman show where they collaborated with the versatile Anray Amansure. The show was stage directed by the unbelievable Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd RBL Productions, who always brings out the best in people and occasionally makes the artists cry! The show got amazing reviews. This has resulted in a viral video of Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable Cape Flats style which has over 6 million views.

On New Year’s eve the duo joined Ramaine at the Fire Zone at The V&A waterfront.

This year the Ladies have also appeared or been featured in all the following places:

  • SABC 3 Expresso Show, where they sang 3 songs accompanied by Winston Siljeur and the WSP band
  • ENCA with the lovely Tania Nefdt
  • Radio appearances with Suga on Heart 104.9 FM
  • With Carissa Cupido in the Live Lounge on Good Hope FM
  • Online article in the Huffington Post, written by Alexandra Willis, with the headline “I am terribly sorry you are not in on the joke with these irreplaceable singers.”
  • Interview with Robin-Lee Francke for the Daily Voice
  • A piece in The Son Korient

Please enjoy the videos below, as a taster of what these ladies have to offer.

For bookings, please use the Enquiry Form, found here.

We hope you will enjoy the website and enjoy reading about these gifted ladies.

David feels lucky to be managing such professional and dedicated performers, but more importantly, lovely human beings.