David Gummers, Manager

Above: David Gummers

Samantha Oliphant

Above: Samantha Oliphant
of SJManagement


David Gummers, head of DGP Music, is a footwear retailer from the North of England. He stumbled into the music industry in 2013 when he invited his beauty therapist, Natalie Johannes to a cocktail party he was hosting. He invited her to sing and she had grown men in tears with the clarity of her voice.

The pair negotiated a contract and for two years he promoted her. Their partnership included a concert in St George’s Cathedral, an event that was attended by Premier Helen Zille. They raised enough money to buy 141 pairs of shoes for the orphans of Baphumelele in Khyelitsha, run by the amazing Rosie Mashale.

The second concert at Joseph Stone, Dear Younger Me, was hosted by the vibrant Miss Tracey Lange. Again the event raised enough to buy computer equipment for the orphanage.

In July 2015, David was approached by the delightful Desne Jodamus, who asked if he would guide Lauren-Lee’s career.

Lauren-Lee has a determined nature and is kind-hearted. She has an engaging smile and a very disarming turn of phrase! Lauren-Lee has been voice-coached by the incredible Amanda Luyt and was chosen as a motive of Can SkyLark.

David managed the brilliant performer and vocalist Felicity Kiran for 3 and a half years.We did some incredible things including a UK concert and Felicity was part of the Woman2Woman viral video and was a joy to partner.

In January 2019 Samantha Oliphant and David signed a Memorandum of Understanding to combine their different skills and strengths, to ensure they can cover most bases. Samantha is a brilliant strategist and is based in Cape Town so she can meet the artists on a regular basis.

David and Samantha are fully co-managing Lauren-Lee.

David is also acting as a consultant to Maritza.

All the artists are able to have their music on Next and Orchard.

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Keenan and all at Cirrus water are proud to sponsor dgpmusic and SJ Management

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Bianca and all at 20 Body Twenty Vredekloof are excited to be working with Samantha and Maritza, and will enjoy as we make them fitter and of course have lots of fun

Celeste is delighted to be the clothing sponsor for Lauren-Lee and Maritza.


JM Photography are delighted to be our photography and video partner.

Craig and the entire Pongracz champagne and Distell team are delighted to provide the champagne for this special music cocktail party organised by DGP Music and SJ Management.


Muriel and all at Brand it and Tracktone are delighted to be sponsoring the food for the special musical cocktail party.



Lauren took part in the Woman2Woman show where she collaborated with Felicity Kiran and the versatile Anray Amansure. The show got amazing reviews. This has resulted in a viral video of Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable Cape Flats style which has over 40 million views.

In 2019, Lauren-Lee has also appeared on television’s SABC 3 Expresso Show, Hectic Nine 9 and Ekse CTV. Her radio appearances include an interview with Irma G on Heart 104.9 FM and at the end of 2018, she featured on Radio KC107.7FM and Bush 89.5 FM as well as having a newspaper piece in Daily Voice.


Above: Lauren-Lee

Image by Sadé Thompson

Please enjoy the videos below, as a taster of what these artists have to offer.

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We hope you enjoy the website and learning about these gifted artists.

Samantha and David feel lucky to be managing and consulting together on such professional and dedicated performers, but more importantly, lovely human beings.