Lauren is a Mezzo Soprano Singer and Voice Over Artist from Eerste River. She is a graduate of the Cape Music Institute and is voice-coached by the amazing Amanda Luyt.


Image by Gerald Steyn

Born into a musical family and started singing at the age of 12, Lauren-Lee sang for three gospel groups – Free Worship, Season Praise, and well known group, New Birth.

She matriculated in 2012. Post matriculation, she went on to study at the Cape Music Institute and joined the Winston Siljeur Project.

Lauren was part of Woman2Woman, established by David Gummers, together with Felicity Kiran and Anray Amansure. 

They came to the attention of Social Media round the world when Stage Director Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd parodied Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. It has had over 40 million views, also making headlines in the Huffington Post, and is mentioned on the Beyonce Wikipedia page.

Lauren Lee-Bock on ITV News
Lauren Lee-Bock giving away a car
Lauren Lee-Bock on Huffington Post

Lauren’s single, Insane Love – the video contains wonderful views.

Lauren was part of the Woman2Woman cast, together with Felicity Kiran and Anray Amansure.

Lauren appointed UK-based David Gummers as her manager and has been voiced coach by the iconic Amanda Luyt, who was delighted to coach a Mezzo Soprano.

Lauren was a motivee of SAMA nominated Can Skylark and in 2016, Woman2Woman performed at the Grace Performing Arts Theatre, raising R10000 for Cansa SA.

Lauren Lee-Bock on Westmorland Gazette

 In 2016, Lauren performed in the UK in order to raise funds for Kendal Flood Victims, and helped raise an amazing R100000, as well as giving over R1 Million in prizes including a car. Emirates sponsored the flights for her and her band as their VIP guests.

TV personality, Kim Inglis, the MC of the show, described Lauren-Lee as having an easy charm and said, “How can someone so tiny have such a big voice?”

Lauren appeared on ITV Border News and sang live on BBC Radio Cumbria. She also returned to UK with Felicity in 2017.

Lauren singing Rise Up.

New Year's Even Show

At the end of 2016 Lauren performed with Felicity and Ramaine at the New Year’s eve show in the Fire Zone at The V&A.

She was signed to Next and Orchard for her digital music in July 2017.

She launched her 2nd single “Want your Love” in December 2018 – the video for this single may be viewed below.

Lauren’s video for her single, Want Your Love.

2019 has started with 3 TV appearances Expresso, Hectic Nine 9 and Ekse CTV.

She has added Samantha Oliphant to her Management team.

Lauren Lee
Samantha Oliphant

Co-manager, Samantha Oliphant

Thank you Mr Khan and all at Unicab for being my Transport partner.

Lauren is also a voice over artist with Tongue Twisters.

Tongue Twisters

Image by Gerald Steyn

Lauren Lee

Image by Cameron Davey

Interview with Lauren-Lee by Philip De Lange of Smile 90.4FM

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Lauren Lee

Image by Rachel Winter

Lauren Lee

Image by Cameron Davey

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