New Single For Lauren-Lee, New Collaboration for Rahul

Gosh that has been quite a month.

First Lauren-Lee launched her single on The Expresso Show on 28th February

You can download on your favourite streaming service

On Thursday Luwayne Wonder played it on chart Chasers on Heart104.9 FM

Here is how you can vote by Whattsapp

Lauren-Lee Has appeared on Bush 89.5 FM

Radio KC Talking to Bradley Shaun

A very special international Interview with Music Crowns One of the World’s Biggest news Media Music sites

Below is the Sanzlive Radio interview with Allan Fowler

Lauren-Lee has appeared in PPMC South Africa

In Cape Town she has been interviewed by Tracy-Lynn Ruiters for the Daily Voice

As well as appearing On Ekse CTV the Youth show in Observatory

Done a trolley dash at the Spa Somerset West with The New Heritage Foundation in combination with Helderberg FM collecting sanitry pads to help end Period Poverty

Meanwhile in the 


 Meanwhile in the UK Rahul has been doing a cover of Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift

His Collodoration with Rebecca Seziba is taking shape nicely.Rebecca recorded her part last Saturday

We are so grateful to Kim and the team at Ian Burgess-Simpson pianos for allowing Rebecca to play on a Fazioli piano

A shout out to Haydn Van-Rheede for doing the sound and video so expertly

Rahul says the quality of “Rebecca’s playing is “mesmerizingly brilliant”

Joshua her elder brother “Also knows his way round piano keys”

Everyone from her proud father to her siblings Ian Burgess-Simpson pianos Rahul and myself are bursting with excitement to see the finished product

Thank you for reading

Have a blessed Sunday

Lauren-Lee ,Rahul and David

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