My Photoshoot


Gettingyour photo taken is something we are all used to. Your mom probably took a fewas you grew up. But having a professional photoshoot is a whole differentstory.

Starting off: do you smile or have a serious face? Well Gerald ( aka photographer ) said after my first serious face and I quote: “Why aren’t you smiling?” So smile it was.

Had a great day. The shoot was late evening at Wijnland Auto Museum in Joostenbargvlakte. With my guitar in hand and bob’s your uncle I had to pose. Leaning, climbing and standing on top of old rusted cars. Even Gerald had to climb on some to get the right shot.

Maritza - my photoshoot 002
Photo by Gerald Steyn

Then the waiting starts, while he edits the photos. After a week past, he sent me my photos. Amazing photos that I can use for my social media and share with all my fans. Thank you Gerald for making this experience fun. Cannot wait for the next one. Sharing some of my favourite photos of the day.

Maritza - my photoshoot 003
Photo by Gerald Steyn

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All photos copyright Gerald Steyn.

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