Pianist Collaboration across Continents

Press Release

It is with great pleasure that we announce a Collaboration between Rahul Suntah and Rebecca Seziba

Rahul is a classical pianist from Mauritius and now based in the UK whose USP is that he uses the inside of the piano to create unique sounds that enhances his performances.

Rebecca is a 9 year old prodigy from Cape Town South Africa who is self-taught and has a talent way beyond her years

As you can imagine people send us music all the time.It is wonderful when we see something really special

Rahul when he saw the video of Rebecca playing just said

“Wow Rebecca is amazing.I am excited to collaborate with her.”

Rebecca has said “I feel happy and excited to work with Rahul who is based in the UK and is truly brilliant.

My parents encourage me to be self-motivated,believe in myself.I believe nothing is impossible.”

A big shout out to Nadia Block of Nadia Block Couture for tagging us in the original video,and to Tracy-Lynn Ruiters for introducing Mr Seziba to us.

We are extremely grateful for your help

Thanks for reading

Rahul ,Rebecca and David

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