Viola Davis Surprises Woman2Woman on Instagram

I was sound a sleep last Thursday morning and I realised very quickly very quickly something was stirring!I was being tagged on social media.

It turns out Oscar winner Ms Viola Davis had shared the Stap links Irreplaceable video

Since then it has been another exciting but unbelievable whirlwind!

On Thursday my Manager David had a phone call From Layinah Petersen #ExpressoBreakfastShow asking if I could come on Monday.A quick chat with Peter Booi and Charlton Abrahams and Husband Haydn and rehearsals were arranged

Here is the result!

I sang 3 songs please enjoy

The band and I had great fun as always on this show thanks Carl Wasti for the interview

As well as this we had call from the press I will do this is Chronological order

First Venecia Valentine


The South African written by Naledi de Wee

Cape town ETC Lucille Dyosi

Times Live Written by Joy Mphandi

Head Topics


Bee News on you tube

Daily Voice

Briefly written by Rutendo Masasi

Thank you to Daily Scoop Magazine for sharing!

A shout out to a few people,Thank you Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd for the concept and the direction she has just celebrated 40 years on stage WOW!

Laykin Robin Rudolph my brilliant social Media manager

My Manager David Gummers who just gets things done

Anray Amanshure and Felicity Kiran for being amazing performers,singers and wonderful people

I appreciate you all

Finally to the fans across the globe for all your comments likes and support

Have a blessed Friday


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