This is what Happens when Loni Love and Chris Brown share Irreplaceable AKA “Stap Links”

We woke up on Tuesday morning with our messages going crazy.It turns out that Chris Brown had decided to share our Expresso version of Irreplaceable.Loni Love then also shared it.

Our previous experience of this told us it was going to be an interesting week.While we leave it to David (our manager) to read and respond to the comments.It was obvious that this would cause a stir.In 6 hours before Chris Brown took it down it would reach 1.8 million views.

We understand that not everyone likes it,and quite appallingly some racist teenagers used this parody as an excuse to bully a teenage girl.

We are aware that this teenager hates the the song.We are deeply sorry that light hearted music can have this effect .Bullies like this need to take a long hard look at themselves,as it is not the person being bullied who is at fault.We are mindful now of when and where we perform it.

We have not done it on stage for nearly a year.If we are asked to do it as part of a show of course we will,but we will be careful to explain that it is a parody.

We are working with Kidz2Kidz and their cool 2 be kind project to try to stop this type of unjustifiable behaviour.

Here is a brief history of how the song came about.

The Amazing Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd had done this song with other groups and thought it would be fun to do it with us for a show that we were doing.It was first recorded in her front room.When it was put up on Facebook the South African reaction was overwhelming.We had over 300000 views and the majority of people liked it.The same happened when we did it on News 24.

We then were invited onto Expresso in January 2017 and that is when it all kicked off.JayZ drummer saw it and America went crazy.It went from 40000 views to over 3 million in under 3 hours we were not prepared for the mixed reactions and the comments.

We were being made fun of,and there were lots of memes done some were hilarious,others less so!!

The Huff Post wrote a piece that

without our knowledge which we are truly grateful for.It is weird to us still when we get approached in the street and people sing this parody to us.

Obviously,we now have mixed emotions on this now.We had lots of fun doing it.We cried during the Swirl Magazine interview with the delightful Karin Londt.  as we had no idea that we would be an excuse for a beautiful young woman to be bullied.

On the other hand we have produced a piece of music that well over 35 million people have seen,which is just utterly bonkers.

The Marmite affect of this has staggered us,but we pray that it makes most people smile.We discussed it during an interview on the Expresso show in May

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing Sunday

Thank you for reading

Blessings Felicity,Lauren,Anray

Lauren Lee-Bock on Huffington Post




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