Singing Debut On EKSE CTV

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What an amazing week I have had.It has been so exciting!
I had an amazing time with Charina Joubert our Brand ambassador who is a finalist in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2019 .She is such an inspiring young woman.She is so determined to make a difference,particularly on the education of young people against violence and sexual abuse particularly against Women and Girls.
We also had the amazing Keenan Lawrence talking about Cirrus water the atmospheric water generation company that we are so delighted and humbled to be brand ambassadors.
As you can imaging when we are performing we use a lot of water to keep our voices lubricated.We are very conscious how precious a resource water is.
We know that we have to protect the environment by avoiding using single use plastic and ensuring water is preserved as well.
Our small contribution is to drink from our re-usable bottles and to have a Cirrus water machine at our shows and events.
Who would have thought 12 months ago I would be collaborating with people involved in Glamour and water while I provide the music!
I must thank David who certainly thinks outside the box and realises that for our music to be more than entertainment and a force for good he wants to work with people whose vision is to make a difference.
Also can I say a big thank you o Babalwa ,Llama and the whole team at Ekse for making us feel so welcome.I must admit I am truly humbled to be described as South Africa’s Adele.I will take that!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to my friend Lisa who is such a fabulous manicurist who made my nails TV ready!
With the amazing Mr Water Keenan and the glamorous Mrs South Africa Charina
Thank you to Vaughn from Cape Groove for doing this poster.

Last but my no means least can I thank my Manager for believing in me and helping make my dreams. To read my profile and listen to music If you would like to book me for your event please email Samantha or call/whatsapp Samantha +27 76 064 6220

Thank you for reading my blog have a lovely and peaceful weekend

Blessings to you all


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