Welcome to My first web blog!

Let me introduce myself I am Michayla Zoe I am 18 and am trying to live my best life!

I have a very strong faith and my Christianity and God will guide me to make the right decisions,even though I know being human I will get things wrong as well as right!!

So why has someone so young got a web page.Well I have just been signed by GSA glamour models.I am so grateful to Mr Warren and Mr Eugene for believing in me.

I am so looking forward to them training me to be a proper professional model!

I love to dance and have been part of The New Kingdom Dance school for 2 years

Of course,my matric has been delayed due to covid but should be finished writing by the end of November,I hope.

I am really grateful to be my amazing big sister Lauren-Lee for preparing for my interview with Mr Bradley on Radio KC 107.7 fm today.

I was a tad nervous making my debut on live radio.I was very excited.

Check out my page too https://www.dgpmusic.com/michayla-bock/

The photos taken by Joshua wright and Jeraydo Hattingh for their brilliant camerawork!

The Web designer Janice Cumberlidge has a degree in Mathematical engineering ,it makes my brain hurt even thinking about how complicated that must have been!!!

I am so lucky to have such wonderful people helping me allowing me to follow my dreams

Before I sign off ,can I thank David Gummers my manager for his care and mentorship.I know I am in good hands as he has been guiding my sisters career for nearly 5 years.I am sure he will make me work hard,but he has a big heart and I know he will always have my best interests at heart.

Finally,can I thank my mom Michelle for putting up with all my mood swings and noise in the house! You are incredibly patient and I love you so much

Have a wonderful,weekend and stay safe

Thanks for reading


GSA Models South Africa Model Agency

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