Note To Self!

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you have had a fabulous week.It is only 3 weeks until my show.

First so David and Samantha do not tell me off!!! here is the link to to how you can buy tickets

Can I say a huge thank you to the Artscape for agreeing to host my show and Computicket for hosting my Tickets.

Now to my amazing guest artists Keanu Harker,wasn’t he amazing on Expresso this week!

I will also be joined by Cameron Bock he has got an incredible vocal.

Turning to my generous and incredible partners and sponsors.

are title sponsor.Unicab have been transporting me safely round the city for 4 years now.As well as the financial sponsorship

They have kindly also agreed to take my team and myself to and from the Artscape.Thank you Mr Khan and Ebrahim I am truly grateful.

Debonairs Pizza sponsors Lauren-LeeA massive thank you to Danel and Justin who are going to deliver pizzas to my team before the show.We all love Debonairs pizzas.You have no idea how much this means to us. There is an amazing lady Celeste From Estele designs who is going to ensure I look glamorous

Thank you Coral and everyone at Pureau and Aquazania for ensuring we will be hydrated during the show.
We are so thankful.

Finally a word of thanks to the dynamic duo Samantha and David who do all the work behind the scenes to make everything happen,whether at 7 in the morning or at Midnight they work so hard,I can never thank you enough.

Have a fabulous weekend

Blessings to you all


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