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Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman

Happy new year from the two of us.What a start to the year.Anray,Lauren and myself did an interview on Bush radio with Khusi which was a light-hearted and relaxed start to 2018.Thank you for that!

David got a request from Karin Londt at Swirl Magazine to do an interview.

We have done plenty of interviews but never one that is so in depth and emotional.

We were chatting away about our careers to date and how our music inspires and brings smiles.

Inevitably the interview turned to the “Irreplaceable”video which has caused opinion to be very much divided,inevitable when it has been watched by so many.

It was done originally as a promotion for a show in October 2016.We wanted to make people laugh with us as it is a parody.

We understood that many people outside the country would not fully get the slang but we were unprepared that it would have such far reaching consequences.

Karin read us an email from a grade nine student that left us completely shocked and deeply upset.

She is being bullied and mocked by her class about this.

First we want to say a full and heartful  and unreserved”SORRY” that this is happening.Bullying has no place in the 21st Century.

We know it is no consolation that it is the bullies that are insecure and lack self worth not the student that is being bullied.

We know the school and the parents are dealing with this shocking behaviour and will leave that side to the experts.

We feel sure that this will be accomplished.

We would love the opportunity to give the student a day to remember hanging out with us and the best seats for her friends and family at our next concert in Cape town.

We promise anything that we do with her will be done completely privately with absolutely NO publicity either on Social media or with any Media organisaton.

We are going to be talking to TV,radio and the press though about the evils of bullying.This is completely unacceptable.No one should go through this.

This young lady is articulate,funny and bright .

Although we cannot stop people being bullied if we can help raise awareness that this  is still a major issue in our schools.We are chatting to bullying charities to see how we can help.

Of course, we will be a little more careful on the parodies we do.

Here is the full interview.It is from page 24.


There are lots of fantastic articles in this edition

Thanks to Karin and Swirl for giving us such an in depth interview.

Have a blessed Sunday

Felicity and Lauren




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